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Find out more about what an alliance with Mazaya Accounting Services Co can do for your company?

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Mazaya Accounting services IS your BEST professional partner in Accounting & Bookkeeping, Vat Services, Account receivable & many more support services.

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Are you struggling with maintaining your company accounts?

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VAT Deregistration, VAT Return Filling, VAT Consultancy, and VAT TRAINING?

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Is your account receivable & cash flow is holding you back

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Find out more about what an alliance with Mazaya Accounting Services Co can do for your company?

At a small fraction of the price of hiring full-time finance personnel, you'll gain access to the experience of a whole group of financial professionals dedicated to aiding you in reducing expenses, increasing efficiency, and reaching your goals faster.

About Us

Mazaya Accounting Services Co is a dedicated Professional support services company catering to our business partners in accounting & bookkeeping services, Vat Services, account receivable / Collection services and many more.

Mazaya Accounting Services Co acts as an extension of your internal team, providing you with strategic ideas to help grow your business. By providing financial guidance and outsourced accounting services, Mazaya Accounting Services Co can transform your efficiency, allowing you to concentrate on what you excel at.

Mazaya Accounting Services Co was established to bridge the traditional gap between financial and management function and business. Through the evolution of the model of outsourcing accounting, Mazaya has developed its services to work closely with its customers by utilizing the latest technology to be an integral partner instead of simply a service provider.

With a team of accountants who are certified and business professionals, Mazaya handles the bookkeeping, payroll, Vat service, and tax preparation and accounting advisory services for companies of all sizes in Dubai, Sharjah, and within the UAE.

Our Services

Accounting & bookkeeping starting from 800 DHS

VAT Services Starting from 249 DHS

Account receivable starting from 50 DHS

accounting services and consultantion

Consultation & training Starting from 200 DHS

Why Outsourcing your accounting services in Dubai and the UAE is beneficial?

In Practice, The United Arab Emirates and Dubai are an Innovation Center and an attractive investment; many businesses have relocated to Dubai due to technological advancements, excellent quality of life, and business prospects. If you’re planning a major project to save money and make the most of your resources, you should outsource your accounting.

Outsourcing your accounting duties in Dubai and UAE can help you keep track of your finances more efficiently. In addition to handling your accounts payable, accounting service can help you monitor your payments and deal with past-due accounts. These services are especially relevant to all businesses. They can help you prepare your tax returns, perform complete bookkeeping, and even handle collections. To make sure your company has the highest level of financial success, you should consider the options of an outsourced accounting firm.

These accounting and bookkeeping services can be outsourced or in-house. They are an essential component of growing a business and can help you scale and expand your business. They can also help you to streamline your accounting tasks. Outsourced accounting services can help your company grow faster. In addition to reducing your accounting workload, these services can increase your profitability by up to 150%. It would help if you considered hiring an accounting team to help you with many options.

Outsourcing accounting services with Mazyza Dubai is an effective option for your business owners. This service provider can handle bookkeeping, payroll, Vat service, tax preparation, accounting advisory services, and training and consultation. You can outsource payroll processing, record deductions, and other vital tasks. It will be easier for you to manage your employees, and your employees will be happier. Your business will benefit from the professionalism of a skilled accountant. Your time is better spent on your core business.